Saturday, January 30, 2010

Our First Class Post - Illustration Friday!

Every week we'll be participating in an online art community called Illustration Friday. This is our first time trying it out as a class, so we did a 'dry run'. We did an old theme, "Wilderness", and didn't actually upload to the IF site. But we did upload to Flickr and to our individual blogs.

Here are the links to each student's blog post for their interpretation of the IF theme, "Wilderness"...

Illustration Friday - Morning Class

Hey it's Simara, check out my Wilderness Drawing for IF.

Hey this is Tim and here's the link to my drawing for Illustration Friday...

Hey this is Ken and here is the link to my Illustration Friday post.

Hey this is Jeff - Heres my wilderness IF

Hey Jeff Walpole here! This is my Wilderness Illustration.

Hey this is Brittany Forrest! This is my link for Illustration Friday!

Hi it's uj, this is my link to Wilderness Illustration.

Hi, it's Wain. Here is my Wilderness Illustration

Hey, Josh Bakker here. This is my IF:Wilderness link.

This is KMR. Here's the link to my IF drawing.

Hello, It's Miranda Ferguson. And here is the link to my wilderness..

Hey, this is Heather Peter. Here's the link to my Wilderness Illustration.

Hello everyone. This is Amy Rusan, and here's my illustration.

Hey guys, Tom Trindade here, sharing my Wilderness Illustration.

Hey, Its Marie Gagne. Here is my Wilderness Illustration.

Hey its Steve this is my post for illustration friday wilderness

Hey this is Josh Blokker and this is my Illustration Friday for wilderness

Hey its Aaron Miles, here is my "Wilderness" image wilderness

It's Dave Brown here is my "wilderness" drawing though it's called nature cause I lose my mind once in a while: wilderness

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Illustration Friday - Afternoon Class

I'm Meg Smith, here's my Wilderness drawing for Illustration Friday.

Hey its Leif -- here's my IF for "Wilderness"

Hey it's Adam. Check out my "Wilderness" post for IF here.

Hey it's PJ here, and here is my IF for "Wilderness"

This is Caleb, Place your eyes on my IF "Wilderness" drawing here

this is Colton look at my "Wilderness" IF here

Andrew Kirkham's post for wilderness is here.

Hello this is Wayne. Here is my post for Wilderness

Hola this is Ricardo's wilderness assignment here

Greetings humans, here is Paul Scott's drawing for Illustration Friday, on the subject Wilderness.

Hey it's Jacqueline. Here is my post for IF Wilderness

Hello it's Tasha here! Here is my post for Illustration Friday "Wilderness"

HEY LOOK LISTEN Hello this is Ariel and my Illustration Friday wilderness drawing is here!

It's Mischa, here's my IF for 'Wilderness'.

Bonjour, here's my Illustration Friday: Wilderness ~Zakary~

Hello's Its Michelle. Here is my "Wilderness" post for IF here. Enjoy

Jacob I am. Here is the wilderness stuff created I did. Over here.

Hail, this is Elaine Illustration Friday: Wilderness

James here, wilderness is neat-o. click this, you know you want to.

Hey it's Chris here, check out my wilderness illustration Illustration Friday "wilderness"

Hey it's Hope, and this my Illustration wilderness

Hi I'm Tina. This is my Wilderness Illustration

Hi I'm Novica. This is my Wilderness Illustration