Thursday, January 28, 2010

Illustration Friday - Afternoon Class

I'm Meg Smith, here's my Wilderness drawing for Illustration Friday.

Hey its Leif -- here's my IF for "Wilderness"

Hey it's Adam. Check out my "Wilderness" post for IF here.

Hey it's PJ here, and here is my IF for "Wilderness"

This is Caleb, Place your eyes on my IF "Wilderness" drawing here

this is Colton look at my "Wilderness" IF here

Andrew Kirkham's post for wilderness is here.

Hello this is Wayne. Here is my post for Wilderness

Hola this is Ricardo's wilderness assignment here

Greetings humans, here is Paul Scott's drawing for Illustration Friday, on the subject Wilderness.

Hey it's Jacqueline. Here is my post for IF Wilderness

Hello it's Tasha here! Here is my post for Illustration Friday "Wilderness"

HEY LOOK LISTEN Hello this is Ariel and my Illustration Friday wilderness drawing is here!

It's Mischa, here's my IF for 'Wilderness'.

Bonjour, here's my Illustration Friday: Wilderness ~Zakary~

Hello's Its Michelle. Here is my "Wilderness" post for IF here. Enjoy

Jacob I am. Here is the wilderness stuff created I did. Over here.

Hail, this is Elaine Illustration Friday: Wilderness

James here, wilderness is neat-o. click this, you know you want to.

Hey it's Chris here, check out my wilderness illustration Illustration Friday "wilderness"

Hey it's Hope, and this my Illustration wilderness

Hi I'm Tina. This is my Wilderness Illustration

Hi I'm Novica. This is my Wilderness Illustration

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  1. Uhoh - what the heck happened to our template?! Guys, with everyone having admin privileges, its important that you NOT mess around with the basic design of the blog, ok? I'm going to be modifying it over the course of the semester but all you are going to do here is add your content to our group posts.

    Please don't modify your own blogs yet either... I will allow it as the semester progresses - but not just yet.