Thursday, February 11, 2010

Assignment 2: Afternoon Class

Hey this Adam, Assignment 2 is right here.

Hello. This is Andrew's Storyboard Thumbnails for Wakazoos.

Yo, this is Paul, my storyboard thumbs are here.

Hey everyone! This is Chris R and heres Assignment 2 - soryboard thumbnails

Yo, it's Meg's Assignment 2

This is Caleb and these are my storyboard thumbnails!

Is Mischa. Here are my storyboard thumbnails! CLICKY!

This is Colton and this is my story board thumbnails

*Ariel whistles and slips her storyboard thumbnails under the door...*

Hail, Elaine thumbnails!

This is Tina's storyboard here

Hey guys its PJ. These are the rough sketches for my storyboard

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