Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cereal Ad assignment - Morning Class

Hey it's Simara, check out my Cereal Ad.

Hey all, Josh Bakker here, this is my Cereal Ad.

Hey dudes, Jeff Walpole here. Here's my Cereal Advertisement Work. Leave any comments or pointers you wish. Thanks!

Hey! This is Brittany Forrest's Cereal Advertisement. Let me know what you think!

Hey here is Josh Blokker's Cereal Ad

Hey everybody, Some call me Tim Adams and this here... Right Here is my cereal advertisement. Tell me what you think about it! :)

Hey this is Jeff Brown heres myCereal Advertisement

dan here. check out my Cereal Ad. thanks

Hey, this is my Illustration Ad. Uj

Hey, It Miranda Ferguson and here is my Illustration ad!

Ello, It's Amy Rusan and here's my Trix Ad!

Hey hey! It's a little late, I know, but here is my finished cereal ad. It's Ken, by the way :P

Hey guys, Tom here, if you want to check out my Cereal Ad illustration click here!

Hey Marie here, here is my cereal ad click here

Hey, this is Heather Peter. Check out my finished Cereal Ad HERE!

Hey guys this is Steve this is my Power os ad hope you enjoy it.Click here

Hello. Here's the link. Click here

Hey, Aaron again.. here is my cereal Ad Click here

Hey; it's Wain. Check out my Ad Cereal HERE

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