Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Illustration Friday Afternoon Class- Focus

Jacob here and this is focused

Hey I'm Caleb and this is my art for the topic of Focus

Hello I'm Andrew and this is my focus.

This is colton and this is my focus IF

James used Focus!

Paul here, my drawing for the Illustration Friday topic 'focused' is right here.

Hey it's Adam. You can find my "focused" illustration here.

Hello! Tasha here. Here's my most recent addition to Illustration Friday "FOCUSED".

Hi I'm Tina. Here is my illustration called focused.

Hey its Michelle. My spidey sense is tingling that my focused illustration is here.

Hello! Mischa here! Check out my illustration "Focused" for IF.

Hey, it's Meg, and you can find my focused drawing here.

Hola, it's Ricardo if you want to take a look of my "focus illustration" click here :).

Hi it's,Novica if you want to take a look of my "focus illustration" click here :).

Hey This is Leif - here's my IF "Focus" illustration.

Hey, its Chris! Check out my newest illustration friday - "Focus"

Hail Odin! Elaine Werewolves Focus.

Hey it's Jacqueline. here is my entry for Focus

Oh my god, it's Ariel and her post for Focused! Ruuuun!

Zakary Concepts: Illustration Friday: Focus

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  1. Wow, guys; I'm very impressed that you already got your IF illustrations done. Well done! :^)