Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Illustration Friday Rescue- Afternoon Class

Hey its Chris R, here is my IF for the word "Rescue"

Here is my late IF RESCUE

This is Caleb and this is Rescue

Hey, it's Paul, my rescue drawing is here.

this is Colton and this is my rescue IF

Hey, This is Ricky and this is my IF "rescue"

This is Tina and here is my "Rescue" for Illustration Friday

Adam here - check out my rescue illustration.

 bug rescues human  Andrew here, and this is my IF- Rescue.

Hey, It's Hope here, and this is my illustration for the word Rescue.

Meg here...check out my Rescue Illustration.

Hey. It's Mischa. Here's my Rescue Illustration.

Hey Michelle here and my *ugh* cats theme again ...seriously slap me if i do another cat! well might as well See It!

hey it's carmela here with rescue

Monday, March 29, 2010

Illustration Friday: Rescue - Morning Class

dan here! check out my rescue illustration

Hi, Wain here. This is my drawing for Rescue - IF

Illustration Friday: "Rescue" This is KMR. New IF drawing has arrived.

Hey it's Simara and here's my Rescue

"Rescue"Hey! It's Brittany. Here is Illustration Friday Rescue

Rescue Hey, Aaron here, along with Mr.Fantastic Click here

Hey its Jeff Brown heres my IF : Rescue Check it out

IF: Rescue Lost/AloneAmy here, IF: Rescue

Hi, it's Heather. Here's my Rescue

manflirt_rescue.kcerson It's Ken again. Check out my drawing for Rescue.

It's Marie, here is my entry for rescue

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Final Assignment - Morning Class

Dan here starting the final assignment got some rough work. here is the link to my concept blog

Hey, it's Tom and Paul, just posted some storyboards up on our blog for our Flash animation, check em out!

Hey it's Marie, for my final assignment I am creating my own font. Here is a link to my blog so you can follow along

Marcio Novelli Button Design
Hey everyone it's brittany. Here is a link to my Final assignment. CLICK HERE!

Hey guys, I've started a new blog for my final assignment. Please come check it out. It's album art for the band Unicorpse.


Hey, it's Heather. Here's a link to my final assignment. A cooking zine!

Office Supply Party NotepadsAmy here... with her last project of the year!

The Battle Design Hey everybody its Tim, and HERE is my final assignment!

Hey its josh here is my final

Hey guys, Josh Bakker here. This is the link to my Final Project!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Final Project

Hi all,

Adam, Meg and Wayne started a blog for the final project. Please follow us on blogger and Twitter! Click here for our blog, and click the "Follow Us On Twitter" button when you get there.

Many thanks!

Caleb and Colton here unveiling the beginnings of Cardboard Mansion Toys.

Hey guys!! Here is Jacqueline and Tasha's final project as "Earth Child Advertising". Enjoy!!

Paul and Tom are doing a Flash animation over at World 1-1 Productions.

This link will take you to Tina's storybook project
for a final submission.

Mischa here! Check out my final project. :)

Carmela here , check out my Final project

Ariel, late to the party as usual, with the start of her final project up and running! Ooooh my god you guys this is going to be crazy!

Hey, It's Hope, and this is my final Project! Enjoy!

Well it is time for my(Andrews') final project. It is a study for a religious political cartoon.

Hey This is ricky here is my final assignment!

Hey its Chris R with my final assignment

Hey Guys and Gals PJ here, Check out my final assignment

Don't laugh if you actually check out the final project by Jacob

Our Final Assignment/Culminating Activity

British illustrator Warwick Cadwell gave himself an ambitious assignment: draw a hundred illustrations in a hundred days. The results can be seen in his Flickr set, "100 Days in the Gungle", a magnificent accomplishment and a real showpiece for the talented artist.

From Warwick's undertaking we will take the inspiration for our culminating activity: create your magnum opus; the project you wish you had done during your time here at Mohawk College. You may use the experience of one of our earlier assignments as a springboard... you may even use a completed project from another class - but this time do what you really wanted to do with it.

Or tackle something completely new you've always dreamed of doing: a comic story? a children's book? a t-shirt design (or a line of t-shirt designs?). Its completely up to you!

Step one: Brainstorm your concept.

Step two: come and see me to discuss and get approval to begin.

Step three: research and thumbnail your project - and devise a "critical path"; a time line for each stage of development that will get you to the conclusion of the assignment.

The final (along with any other outstanding work from this semester) will be due at the end of class on Wednesday April 21st.

Addendum: it was suggested by several students that you create a new blog to launch the results of your culminating activity. A great idea! The new blog will be the final step in this project and should reflect all the stages in the process of doing the assignment.

* Note: Our class on that day (Wed. Apr. 21) is rescheduled to begin at 11 AM - 2 PM due to exam week. I will be conducting individual assessments during class, so its essential that you attend!

Ride for Cancer Research Postcard - Afternoon Class

Jacob's postcard for cancer

This is Caleb and this is my postcard for cancer

Hola this is Ricky and here is my Postcard4cancer

This is colton and this is my postcard for The Race For Cancer Research

This is Paul, my cancer research postcard is here.

Adam here - check out my Ride For Cancer illustration.

This is Meg- check out my postcard for Ride For Cancer.

This is Tina and here is my postcard for Ride for Cancer

Hey, Mischa here. Here's my Ride for Cancer Postcard.

Tom Wolfe - Livestrong Tom Wolfe - Gold BikesHi, please check out Andrew's 2 different Ride for Cancer Postcards

Hey its Michelle, come look at my Cancer postcard... Its On Fire!

Hey all! PJ here check out my postcard if you feel so inclined

Hey everyone it's Jacqueline! here's my ride for cancer research postcard. enjoy!

Hey! It's Tasha here! Come check out my Cancer Promo Card

Hey Chris R here, this is my ride for cancer postcard

Hey, Ariel here, finally, with my Ride for Cancer Research postcard done. Huzzah.