Thursday, March 25, 2010

Final Assignment - Morning Class

Dan here starting the final assignment got some rough work. here is the link to my concept blog

Hey, it's Tom and Paul, just posted some storyboards up on our blog for our Flash animation, check em out!

Hey it's Marie, for my final assignment I am creating my own font. Here is a link to my blog so you can follow along

Marcio Novelli Button Design
Hey everyone it's brittany. Here is a link to my Final assignment. CLICK HERE!

Hey guys, I've started a new blog for my final assignment. Please come check it out. It's album art for the band Unicorpse.


Hey, it's Heather. Here's a link to my final assignment. A cooking zine!

Office Supply Party NotepadsAmy here... with her last project of the year!

The Battle Design Hey everybody its Tim, and HERE is my final assignment!

Hey its josh here is my final

Hey guys, Josh Bakker here. This is the link to my Final Project!

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