Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Final Project

Hi all,

Adam, Meg and Wayne started a blog for the final project. Please follow us on blogger and Twitter! Click here for our blog, and click the "Follow Us On Twitter" button when you get there.

Many thanks!

Caleb and Colton here unveiling the beginnings of Cardboard Mansion Toys.

Hey guys!! Here is Jacqueline and Tasha's final project as "Earth Child Advertising". Enjoy!!

Paul and Tom are doing a Flash animation over at World 1-1 Productions.

This link will take you to Tina's storybook project
for a final submission.

Mischa here! Check out my final project. :)

Carmela here , check out my Final project

Ariel, late to the party as usual, with the start of her final project up and running! Ooooh my god you guys this is going to be crazy!

Hey, It's Hope, and this is my final Project! Enjoy!

Well it is time for my(Andrews') final project. It is a study for a religious political cartoon.

Hey This is ricky here is my final assignment!

Hey its Chris R with my final assignment

Hey Guys and Gals PJ here, Check out my final assignment

Don't laugh if you actually check out the final project by Jacob

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