Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Illustration Friday Rescue- Afternoon Class

Hey its Chris R, here is my IF for the word "Rescue"

Here is my late IF RESCUE

This is Caleb and this is Rescue

Hey, it's Paul, my rescue drawing is here.

this is Colton and this is my rescue IF

Hey, This is Ricky and this is my IF "rescue"

This is Tina and here is my "Rescue" for Illustration Friday

Adam here - check out my rescue illustration.

 bug rescues human  Andrew here, and this is my IF- Rescue.

Hey, It's Hope here, and this is my illustration for the word Rescue.

Meg here...check out my Rescue Illustration.

Hey. It's Mischa. Here's my Rescue Illustration.

Hey Michelle here and my *ugh* cats theme again ...seriously slap me if i do another cat! well might as well See It!

hey it's carmela here with rescue

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