Monday, March 1, 2010

Illustration Friday: Perspective - Afternoon Class

Heya, it's Paul, check out my drawing here.

Hola! it's Ricky, check out my drawing Illustration friday!

Hi, this is Tina. I have just finished my IF perspective. Follow the link to see what I have done this week.

This is Caleb and this is my Perspective drawing

Hey, check out Adam's perspective submission here.

Mischa here! Looky here! It's my Perspective illustration. 8D

Yay! Its Michelle! View My Perspective if you dare...muhahaha....actually, dont be scared >.< its just a few hidden factors to have fun with again! aaaaAAAAAA It's Ariel! I think I was a little too subtle, but this represents my experience with perspective

This is Colton and heres my perspective IF

This is a Horrible example of Andrew's work for the IF - Perspective assignment. (spent way too much time...honest)

Hello, PJ here and here is my IF for Perspective

Carmela again here's my IF-Perspective illustration, let me know what u think :)

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