Friday, March 19, 2010

Ride for Cancer Research Postcard assignment

My friend Tom Wolfe has brought us an opportunity to create a piece of art in the form of a postcard that will have many benefits. Like our promo postcard assignment, this card will be full colour on the front at 300 dpi. The size is 4" by 6". I suggest you consider working at least 50% larger at all times. The subject matter and media is wide open - traditional (real) media or digital media - your choice. The assignment is due at the end of Portfolio Prep class next Thursday, March 25th. Please read this correspondence from Tom to get a better appreciation of the scope of this project and its tremendous potential:

The whole campaign is to ride with Lance Armstrong in Kitchener on August 28th. Raising funds for Cancer Research.

Here’s the scoop. I’ve totally committed to raising BIG BUCKS for cancer research. I’ve never done anything like this before but I’m going to go all out for it! Cancer has affected all of us for sure & I want to help out in this regard. Its not visible like Haiti or Katrina or any other big cause but I’m sure takes far more lives. I’m sure you understand this. So, I am going to do a number of things to raise funds. One that I think you could help with would be to just put the word out that I’m looking for 7 (7 because Lance won 7 tours) illustrators to create a small illustration that I will group together in a set of postcard prints to be given to for a donation at a specific level. I will be launching a web site April 1st – no joke and would promote the illustrators on the site and in all PR.

I’ll get the printing donated for printing your students art. I thinking of using a 2010 thing. Pay $20 AND tell 10 friends.... Perhaps now give them 10 cards (with student work and copy) and they give them to 10 people... For the $20 I’m getting a bike donated from a local bike shop light in colour and with a big blank white disc wheel on the back. For $20 they get to sign the bike or wheel and I’ll be riding it on the day of the ride. They get entered in a draw for the bike. To top it off, Lance Armstrong will sign it itself!

I’ll be riding it on a stationary trainer in front of grocery stores and malls throughout the spring and summer. I’ll be wearing the bike stores jersey, have a big sign (that’s being donated by a big Ad agency in Toronto) and handing out your students cards. I do the Ride With Lance book every year so I imagine we could use the students art in that as well. Jim Balsilie (RIM – Blackberry) guy is one of the 50 people raising money – I’ll be showing Hamilton is a cool place. I get a on-line donation engine by participating so I can get donations on-line as well.

Portrait or landscape would be up to the students. I am thinking I’ll put Information about the fundraising and with logo AND place for writing a note then postage and address. Of course the receiver doesn’t have to mail them (can just give them to 3-4 friends) but I think setting up the traditionally way may be nice. I hope these cards take off and get around!!! I Have no subject matter preferences as long as they are Ride/Cancer/Fundraising referenced in some way. The idea is for them to show off their creative chops. You know your students better than me but I know tighter specs seem to help focus a bit more... So I’m sure you’ll use your best judgment. Am I missing anything? Printing will hopefully be full-colour front and black back.

Thanks again and I hope you’re serious about them being stoked because I’m really excited about their involvement. I’ve just started to create a web presence but won’t officially launch it until April 1st. Have a look if you can and let me know if you have any suggestions :)

Absolutely on the posting on-line (If you could scan them all in I’ll posted them immediately). I had thought that I’d like to post them, then have a few of my designer friends etc. help me select the winners. I have yet to secure the printing but it may work out that 7 isn’t a final number, maybe more – although it has meaning let’s just keep it at 7 for now.

Of course they’ll get credit on the card. AND I’ll being doing the layouts so I won’t make them little. :)

I can’t wait to see their work!!! I may not have the printed by the launch of the site. To be honest I hadn’t planned on it but I’ll see what I can do. I just wanted a website up early enough so it can help me secure sponsorships sooner. I’m trying to organize all this stuff and not sure of how it will all work out – but it will. Promise.

I’m actually working on last year’s book right now. I’d certainly try to get the illustrations in next year. They only go to the participants but that includes Lance Armstrong & Jim Balsillie (RIM guy who was trying to bring the NHL to Hamilton)... It might be cool for your students to know if it happens.

Thanks for everything,

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