Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ride for Cancer Research Postcard - Afternoon Class

Jacob's postcard for cancer

This is Caleb and this is my postcard for cancer

Hola this is Ricky and here is my Postcard4cancer

This is colton and this is my postcard for The Race For Cancer Research

This is Paul, my cancer research postcard is here.

Adam here - check out my Ride For Cancer illustration.

This is Meg- check out my postcard for Ride For Cancer.

This is Tina and here is my postcard for Ride for Cancer

Hey, Mischa here. Here's my Ride for Cancer Postcard.

Tom Wolfe - Livestrong Tom Wolfe - Gold BikesHi, please check out Andrew's 2 different Ride for Cancer Postcards

Hey its Michelle, come look at my Cancer postcard... Its On Fire!

Hey all! PJ here check out my postcard if you feel so inclined

Hey everyone it's Jacqueline! here's my ride for cancer research postcard. enjoy!

Hey! It's Tasha here! Come check out my Cancer Promo Card

Hey Chris R here, this is my ride for cancer postcard

Hey, Ariel here, finally, with my Ride for Cancer Research postcard done. Huzzah.

1 comment:

  1. Wow Tom! You've have some terrific students designing some amazing post cards for you!

    Very impressive!