Saturday, April 17, 2010

Illustration Friday: Detective - Afternoon Class

Jacob's detective illustration

This is Caleb and this is a detective

Hey it's Paul, my detective drawing is right here.

Here is Tina with an Illustration Friday called Detective.

detective 800Hi all. It's Andrew with my Detective IF.

This is colton and this is my detective IF

Meg here, check out my detective IF

Hey PJ here, Check out my IF for Detective

this is my illustarion firday for dip here is my late dip illustraion

Illustration Friday: Detective - Morning class

here is my(josh blokker) IF for detective

Hey it's Simara here's my detective for IF.

Hi, Wain here. This is my drawing for Detective IF

Illustration Friday: "Detective" KMR here. Here's my artwork for Detective

Hey it's Heather. Here;s my detective artwork.

Hey everyone! here is my illustration friday: "Detective"

Hey it's Marie, here is my entry for detective

Hey it's Steven here's my detective for IF.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Graduates 4.0 Job & Internship Event Presentation

This morning we had a group from Cg6 Inc. come in and do a presentation on their upcoming upcoming event:

Graduate Series; Graduate 4.0

From their initial contact email:

"To date, it is Toronto's Largest Portfolio Review Night (classified in 2009); among faculty and graduates it is considered "the event to be at" (versed from Seneca, University of Western Ontario, OCAD and Mohawk College graduates & faculty)"

"For the first time going into our 4th year, the Graduate Series; Graduate 4.0 ( will take in 300 upcoming graduates in the areas of Media, Design, I.T. and Publishing; showcasing and sharing their books to local agencies and creatives in hopes that they will land a paid internship; a job offer or an industry contact. Graduates have received critiques; industry input and resources (tips & suggestions); some attained ongoing contracts to this day; while other have been indirectly placed into agencies like Eagle and Organic through our events."

The event will take place in Toronto on May 4th at 7pm. If you're interested in attending, visit the Graduate 4.0 website and sign up for information updates so that you receive the registration form when it becomes available (soon!)

Note: There is a small registration fee: $15

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Illustration Friday: Linked - Afternoon Class

This is Colton and this is my linked IF

This is Caleb and this is Linked.

linkicon2 I'm Jacob here's a link to link

*WARNING- contains peoples insides*

Here's Paul's Linked drawing.

Hey, it's Hope, and here's my illustration for Linked

Adam here, check out my linked.

This is Tasha's drawing For "Linked"
WARNING: not for the easily frightened.

This is Tina and here is my IF for "Linked"

Meg here, check out my IF illustration for Linked.

Mischa here. Click here for Linked!

if linked 800 Andrew here. Click to see my linked Illustation.

Hey PJ here, Check out my IF for Linked

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Illustratio Friday: Linked - Morning Class

Hey it's Simara here's my "linked" for IF.

hey is josh here is my Linked

Wain here. This is my drawing for Linked IF

"Link" Hey everyone it's Brittany, Here is my illustration friday - "link"

Hey it's Marie, here is my entry for linked

linkedSteven here. This is my drawing for Linked IF

Monday, April 5, 2010

Illustration Friday: Dip - Afternoon Class

It's Chris R here, this is my IF for the word "Dip"

Jacob's DIP

This Is Caleb and this is dip

Hey it's Paul, here is my Dip drawing.

This is Colton and this is my DIP IF

if_dip 800Hi all - here is my IF-Friday-Dip - Andrew

if_dip 800Meg here. Check out my dip illustration!

Hey all! PJ here check out my IF: Dip

Hey! It's Mischa! Check out my illustration for DIP!

This is Ariel and her art for dip, and I am way too semi-conscious to say anything funny!

And Michelle reporting her dip enjoy a insight if sheep ruled the world...

This is Tina ; here is my "DIP" for Illustration Friday.

Carmela Dip

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Illustration Friday: Dip-Morning Class

Hey it's Simara here's my dip for IF

Josh blokker. here is my IF

Wain here. This is my dip IF drawing

Brittany Here! Check out my
illustration friday: "Dip"

Steve Here Take a look at my illustration friday for dip

Illustration Friday: "Dip" KMR here. Here's my drawing for Dip.

Hey it's Marie here is my entry for Dip

Hey it's Heather, Here's my dip illustration.

Hey everyone! Just realized I totally forgot to post my Dip illustration on our class blog. Hope you still come and see it! -Ken