Thursday, April 15, 2010

Graduates 4.0 Job & Internship Event Presentation

This morning we had a group from Cg6 Inc. come in and do a presentation on their upcoming upcoming event:

Graduate Series; Graduate 4.0

From their initial contact email:

"To date, it is Toronto's Largest Portfolio Review Night (classified in 2009); among faculty and graduates it is considered "the event to be at" (versed from Seneca, University of Western Ontario, OCAD and Mohawk College graduates & faculty)"

"For the first time going into our 4th year, the Graduate Series; Graduate 4.0 ( will take in 300 upcoming graduates in the areas of Media, Design, I.T. and Publishing; showcasing and sharing their books to local agencies and creatives in hopes that they will land a paid internship; a job offer or an industry contact. Graduates have received critiques; industry input and resources (tips & suggestions); some attained ongoing contracts to this day; while other have been indirectly placed into agencies like Eagle and Organic through our events."

The event will take place in Toronto on May 4th at 7pm. If you're interested in attending, visit the Graduate 4.0 website and sign up for information updates so that you receive the registration form when it becomes available (soon!)

Note: There is a small registration fee: $15

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