Monday, April 5, 2010

Illustration Friday: Dip - Afternoon Class

It's Chris R here, this is my IF for the word "Dip"

Jacob's DIP

This Is Caleb and this is dip

Hey it's Paul, here is my Dip drawing.

This is Colton and this is my DIP IF

if_dip 800Hi all - here is my IF-Friday-Dip - Andrew

if_dip 800Meg here. Check out my dip illustration!

Hey all! PJ here check out my IF: Dip

Hey! It's Mischa! Check out my illustration for DIP!

This is Ariel and her art for dip, and I am way too semi-conscious to say anything funny!

And Michelle reporting her dip enjoy a insight if sheep ruled the world...

This is Tina ; here is my "DIP" for Illustration Friday.

Carmela Dip

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